Packing for soton

Get your bags ready, UK awaits you.


But first, let’s nail down the essential items to bring here.



Packing Cloth
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Even though it rarely snows in Southampton, it can get quite cold. Hence, it’s crucial to dress up appropriately. But before you bin all your Malaysian clothes and start your new winter collection shopping spree, here are some tips to keep you warm and save some bucks.

Clothes here are not cheap (nothing here is), but they are not too expensive either. So, there’s no need to buy all of your clothing back at home. The solution is PRIMARK. It’s the holy grail of all shops. Not because of their quality, comfort nor brand, but simply because its cheap (-er compared to most shops). If you want to save more, why not try some preloved items from Gumtree or charity shops. On top of that, MSA will also be doing a Garage Sale where preloved items will be sold at dirt cheap price (like literally)! So keep your eyes open for that ;D

Primark, the best clothing store for students who want to save some bucks
Gumtree UK
Gumtree, used items online store


Packing foods for malaysians
How Malaysian students pack their foods

Let’s move to the main business, FOOD. You’re not a Malaysian if you don’t love food, or at least after you’ve tried the food here. But worry not, Soton packs most of the essential items like Maggi, Kicap, Sos Cili, Cili Kering and other life-saving items. But then, the price might just give you a heart attack. So, stock up on these. I would suggest filling around 99% of your luggage with these, if not more. But if you don’t feel like cooking, what you read above means nothing and should be forgotten.



Packing electronics
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As for electronic stuff, it’s quite complicated. You’ll usually have more choices here, but as always, its heavier of the pocket (most of the time). A comprehensive test is to check if an item is cheaper here or Malaysia is to compare with Amazon UK’s price. But note that the price does drop quite a bit during Black Friday, so if you can bear the agony of waiting, why not suffer a bit more.



Packing Stationery
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One last thing I find worthy to share is stationery items. Not sure why but a senior suggested buying all my stationery in Malaysia as its freaking expensive here. As a good kohai, I blindly followed senpais advice and my life could not have been better ever since.

I guess I’ve corrupted enough of your mind today. Can’t wait to share more tips with you guys on the next posting.



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