Top UK Mobile SIM Cards for Students (2019)

So I’ve short-listed the 3 major cell carriers that most Malaysian students use. Furthermore, most Sim-Card Carriers in the UK have free International Roaming in EU countries which means you do not need to pay any fees if you are travelling abroad and you can use your phone just as you would use it in the UK. 

  1.  Voxi (Vodafone) *Student Favourite
    Voxi is a student favourite as they are currently offering a plan that costs 10£ a month and gives 6GB Data and Endless Social Media browsing, furthermore it has no contract which means you can cancel anytime. For more details click here.
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  2. Giff-Gaff
    If you’re looking for a no frills simple sim-card plan, Giff-Gaff is the way to go. Giff-gaff is a SIM-only deal that gives its customers the flexibility to change your plan month to month, and it is absolutely Contract-Free, which means customers are free to cancel their plans at any time with absolutely no drawbacks, simply pick your sim-plan at the start of each billing month and start using it! For more details click here.
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  3. Three
    Three offers a list of various plans that you can choose from, ranging from pay as you go sim cards to monthly contracts. Three also has a bunch of benefits such as its own Wuntu app, which is a rewards app which gives its users various rewards such as free coffee at Costa or a discount on Rail tickets. Certain sim-plans also offer a free upgrade to check-in your cabin bags if you’re boarding on EasyJet. For more details click here.
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Top Tip!
Most carriers will allow you to order your free SIM card online and deliver to your home in Malaysia (normally takes 2 weeks). This means you’ll be connected the second you land in Heathrow! No more struggling with pesky airport WiFi connections! 

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