Making the most of your Easter break

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Ahh Easter, a time of joy and relief from the coldness of winter as we head towards summer. For students, Easter can be a period where we enjoy the outdoors, as well as head far to travel, but also find ourselves needing to catch up with university work. Here’s a compilation of things that we can do and enjoy during the Easter holidays as a student, specifically in Southampton.

Enjoy the weather

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Take time to enjoy the sun and warmth by taking walks around the city. Head over to public places such as The Commons, Riverside Park and the city harbour to get some fresh air and have a picnic with your friends. With most outdoor activities and sports venues open, it’s also a good time to enjoy and explore new activities along with your friends and classmates.

Road trip to nearby cities

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Easter holidays are a good time to take a breather between the semester for a good holiday trip elsewhere. During Easter, the trees turn green and flowers bloom which showcases the beauty of spring in the UK. Despite not being able to travel overseas due to the pandemic, The south coast of England also offers many interesting places for food, scenery and fun. Some of my top pics for day trips and roads trips nearby Southampton are:

Beaches: Brighton, Sandbanks, Bournemouth, Weymouth, Abbotsbury, Portsmouth

Forest: New Forest, Lordswood, Cotswold

Island: Isle of Wight


Traditional Easter meals

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Celebrate Easter and enjoy the variety of Easter cuisines with your friends and family. Easter is filled with tradition and what better to enjoy it with the locals whenever possible – or make them yourself? Some of the more familiar cuisines are hot cross buns, stuffed leg of lamb and honey butter ham. Here‘s a list of traditional Easter delights and how to make them.


Try new hobbies

Take this time to try out new hobbies and learn something new. Personally, I’ve started baking and gardening in my backyard during this period. I’ve also tried out various new activities, such as frisbee, yachting which you can try at the nearby Riverside Park. Nevertheless, Easter is a great time to explore new activities along with the locals to fully immerse themselves in the spring vibes. You can also take the time to learn to make Easter decors to celebrate the Easter spirit.


Catch up with university work

Despite all the fun in the Easter holidays, don’t forget about our responsibilities in our coursework. Easter is a perfect time to catch up on studies as well as complete coursework to avoid unnecessary ‘last-minute’ struggles, especially if we are working on our thesis. With exams coming up as well, it’s safe to say that we need to watch our revision times.


Easter is a time of fun and exploration for ourselves. However, we must also keep track of our leisure and work time so that we can manage them well, and have the best of both worlds. As such, have a lovely Easter break and enjoy!

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